The Mark Spain Team’s Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

The Mark Spain Team’s Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

The Mark Spain Team’s Top 3 Books For Professional and Personal Development

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive for personal and professional development. However, without a plan, big goals are just big dreams. To accomplish these goals, the Mark Spain Team discussed the most important daily habit: reading. Reading the right books and developing the right habits is essential for success. To develop the right habits, The Mark Spain Team reviewed its top three books for both professional development and personal success.

Our Top 3 Books for development

The One Thing

It’s important to learn from the masters; when it comes to real estate, Gary Keller is the master. His advice is simple: To achieve extraordinary success, just focus on one thing, just one. It’s that simple- but it’s not easy. Modern life makes focusing difficult: Facebook, reality television, YouTube ads. While fun, they steal time from us, the time we could spend learning, growing, and prospering.

To keep ourselves focused, we utilize Gary Keller’s 1-3-5 principle: identify one big goal, three milestones to measure our progress to it, and five actionable steps to accomplish it. Each agent develops their 1-3-5, discusses it with team members, and is held accountable for it. It’s one of the reasons why we were named number five in most closed transactions in 2014, and why we’ll be number one this year.

Mark Spain Real Estate Strives for development in all areas

How To Win Friends and Influence People

Your grandfather may have told you about this book. Your Dad may have tried to make you read it. We can practically recite it. It is a necessity for your development.

Written by Dale Carnegie and published in 1936, the book has a set of positive principles to live by. For us, the most important one is to show honest and sincere appreciation. It helps us stay focused, especially when we encounter setbacks, and get discouraged. We may be the number one real estate team in the southeast, but we are human. If we ever get down on ourselves, we show appreciation to pick ourselves back up. Whether it’s giving away free iPads to our clients or celebrating our agents at our culture events, showing appreciation builds a positive culture, makes us better people, and keeps us moving forward.

The Compound EffectSelf Development Book for You

Once you have clear goals and a positive attitude, the next step, and the most important one, is execution for your development. Execution is about consistency, and consistency isn’t sexy. No one threw a parade for a follow-up call, or for completing a checklist, but small acts add up to big rewards. This lesson is at the heart of Darren Hardy’s book, and it’s one we take seriously at The Mark Spain Team.

Whether it’s working out first thing in the morning, or blocking out time to follow up with our clients and track down buyers, success isn’t given; it’s earned and it needs to add up. We’ll add progress to our big goal one day at a time, one client at a time.

Stay tuned throughout the year for The Mark Spain Team’s professional development progress. Mark Spain Real Estate strives to continuously learn and grow. Development does not end, we are constantly growing and need to feed our desires daily to achieve maximum growth and understanding. We are proud to have the desire to keep up with changing conditions in the world and be named the most trusted name in the industry!

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