Tips To Prepare For A Home Showing

Tips To Prepare For A Home Showing

Tips To Prepare For A Home Showing

By Mark Spain Real Estate

There are many steps to go through to prepare for a home showing. It can be easy to overlook and get overwhelmed with a long list in front of you!  As potential buyers view a home, they are paying attention to every little detail to figure out which home they could see themselves in. Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you go the extra mile to make sure your home stands about above the rest. Continue reading to learn more about how to prepare for a home showing.

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3 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Home Showing

Create A Warm Scent To Draw Home-BuyersCreating a clean and warm scented space is key when showing your home

In order to prepare for a home showing, the odor of your home is very important. It’s important to get rid of foul odors and to be cautious of what food you are cooking that week as the smell could linger. But, something that most people don’t think of is that sometimes a smell that you consider good is not always a favorite for everyone else.

It is important to stay away from strong candles and air fresheners as everyone has a different preference. The smell of a home can be enough to turn someone away. It is important to focus on having a very neutral and light scent to prepare for a home showing.

Additionally, a personal touch you could add is making fresh cookies to leave out for those looking at your home. It will make the buyer feel at home and have something to remember your home by!

Highlight Key Areas of The Home

A couple decluttering their home to make more space for showings

The areas of your house that you find to be the biggest attraction are areas that you need to highlight. It is beneficial to do your research on what buyers in your area are looking for and then choose around 3 things in your house that you think would knock off some, or most, of what the buyer is looking for.

To prepare for a home showing, make sure to decorate those areas to look move-in ready so that your potential buyer can easily picture themselves living there. If there are some signature features that need to be updated, it may be a good idea to invest in an upgrade. Minimal personalization is key when staging your home. Buyers should be able to see the home’s true potential and not be distracted by decorations, furniture, or family photos. 

Making Your Home’s Space Feel Larger

As most buyers are not looking for a place with a bunch of small rooms, it is important to give them that open feeling. If your house was not built as an open concept, find ways to give it more of an open illusion. To prepare for a home showing in a small space, you could rearrange furniture, declutter, open blinds, or even use a mirror in the space to give it the effect that the room is bigger.

Although still a small space, it gives the buyer a perspective on how to make the home seem bigger rather than shutting it down quickly. Natural lighting can make a home feel larger when combined with bright colors like beige or grey. When you declutter the space and arrange your furniture to make the best use of the space, you will create the open concept your buyers are looking for.

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