What To Look For In A Realtor

What To Look For In A Realtor

What To Look For In A Realtor

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Finding the right realtor is important as they are helping you navigate through some of the most important decisions you will have to make. Moving is stressful enough, but having the right realtor will take the pressure off immensely. Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you determine what to look for in a realtor so you can remain focused on what matters most.

Mark Spain Real Estate was founded on placing the relationship over the client. Our agents lead with a servant’s heart and place the client’s needs above their own. We are honored to serve families in selling or buying their next home, stress-free! If you are interested in learning more about how our team can serve you in selling or buying your next home, please contact us. We would be honored to serve you! 

What To Look For In A Realtor

A Trustworthy RealtorMark Spain exemplifying what to look for in a Reator

Identifying what to look for in a realtor can be difficult at first, but finding a realtor you can trust is important. As we mentioned before, your real estate agent is going to be serving you in making some of the biggest life decisions. Having an agent who is local and highly trained will place you in the best position. Our agents’ number one priority is reaching their client’s real estate goals. A win for the client is a win for us!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents only serve one side of the transaction. This reduces the risk of a conflict of interest and will ensure the best interest of the client is at the forefront. Our agents are backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals to ensure a seamless transaction from the beginning to the end. You can trust that your agent is acting in your best interest and giving you knowledgeable advice.

A Realtor That Is Knowledgeable About The Market

Knowledge is power at Mark Spain Real Estate. Our agents go through extensive, ongoing training to encourage and strengthen their knowledge about the market. The real estate market is ever-changing, it is important to stay ahead and exercise our brains to ensure our clients are in the best hands possible from the beginning of the transaction to the very end! Mark Spain Real Estate sets out to encourage learning daily starting with the habits we form. Whether it is as small as making your bed in the morning, going on a run, or reading one of our books from our Mark Spain Real Estate book list, growth never ceases!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to sustain a culture of excellence. Our team members collaborate together to ensure each agent is empowered and has all the tools necessary to remain the most knowledgeable in the industry! So, when identifying what to look for in a realtor, make sure they are knowledgeable to guide you through the experience!

A Realtor That Is Easily AccessibleA happy couple knowing what to look for in a realtor

When defining what to look for in a realtor, remember they should be easily accessible! Communication is key when delivering an unparalleled client experience. There are many moving parts in a real estate transaction, so it is important to keep communication consistent and tight between the agent, client, and brokerage. We work as a team to ensure the ball is moving to the finish line, hassle-free! When looking for an agent, make sure to ask what their communication style is like, what they prioritize, and what their priorities are. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents place their clients as their top priority, each time.

Our agents utilize shared calendars and consistent forms of communication to ensure the client is always in the know and can always access their agent at all times. Additionally, when working with Mark Spain Real Estate, you will have access to a team dedicated 7 days a week to calling & emailing about your listing.

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you define what to look for in a realtor. We want to ensure your real estate goals are being exceeded and that you walk away from your transaction feeling confident that you chose the right team to serve you in selling your home or buying a new one. To connect with us on your real estate goals, please connect with us

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