How to Boost The Digital Appeal of Your Online Listing

How to Boost The Digital Appeal of Your Online Listing

How to Boost The Digital Appeal of Your Online Listing

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As a home seller, you know how important first impressions are for your sale. And nowadays, buyers’ initial judgments are usually based on your online listing. Though many factors come into play to attract buyers, your home’s digital appeal always plays a part in getting buyers through the door. 

Optimizing your listing’s digital appeal is one of the most vital steps to a successful sale. However, perfecting your online listing can be harder than it looks. With help from the industry experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can boost your home’s digital appeal. With decades of valuable experience, our team will ensure your listing will stand out among the rest! Read below for some of our expert tips on how to improve your home’s digital appeal. 

How to Boost The Digital Appeal of Your Online Listing

Make Home Renovations and Upgrades

An outdated home is easy to spot through its online listing. Whether it has run-down appliances, popcorn ceilings, or aged wallpapers, a home’s outdated nature will show through online photographs and listing descriptions. The best way to address this issue is to tackle home upgrades before you list your home. That way, you can confidently include photographs and descriptions that show your home in the best light and maximize your digital appeal. 

If you don’t have the time or budget to invest in major upgrades, there’s still hope for your online listing! Often, a home might only need a few simple home improvements to generate digital appeal. Whether this be replacing outdated wallpaper with a new, fresh paint job or switching out old light fixtures with more modern lighting, there are several easy, affordable ways to modernize your listing before putting it online. 

Do Some Home Staging 

Like outdated fixtures, unattractive home staging will also hurt your digital appeal. Whether your home has ill-fitting furniture or too many personal touches, buyers will notice the poor aesthetic through the screen. Rather than waiting to stage your home before hosting showings, optimize your interior design before posting your home online. Then, you’ll have buyers envisioning their lives in your home before they even step foot inside. Home staging will help your online listing's performance.

If you sell your home vacant, you’re not exempt from staging! Photos of an empty space don’t have the same effect as those with optimized interior design. While these photos will still accurately showcase your home, they won’t show its full potential. We recommend using virtual home staging to optimize digital appeal if you sell a vacant house. Doing so will add some life to your online listing and help buyers envision themselves in your space. 

Invest in Professional Photography

Photographs make up the bulk of your online listing. So, why not go the extra mile and hire a professional photographer? Amateur listing photos will no longer cut it under current industry standards. Instead, buyers will expect clean, crisp, high-quality pictures that accurately capture your listing. Whether those be birds-eye-view photos of your home’s exterior or close-up shots of your home’s small architectural details, it’s wise to capture any potential selling point that could impress buyers. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we hire seasoned, professional photographers to capture your home in the best light. With an eye for detail, our photographers promise well-lit, high-quality photographs that give buyers a good sense of your home’s look and feel. 

Optimize Listing Descriptions

If you decide to invest in professional photography, your listing descriptions should be of the same caliber. The optimal listing description is thorough and detailed, highlighting some of your home’s best selling points and giving buyers as much information as possible. A quality listing will also include topical keywords that improve search engine optimization. For example, words like “luxurious” or “upgraded” might increase your listing’s visibility as buyers filter their searches. Fill out your online listing completely to optimize its performance

Working with an experienced listing agent is a great way to boost your home’s digital appeal. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our professionals work with clients to optimize their online listings and streamline their sales. Our agents will work with you to ensure your listing includes all essential property information and relevant keywords. With our help, your home will outshine other online listings and instantly capture buyers! 

Boost Your Home’s Digital Appeal with Mark Spain Real Estate

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